Safaricom launches ‘Bonga for Good’ Initiative to support its customers deal with COVID-19.

Safaricom launches ‘Bonga for Good’ Initiative to support its customers deal with COVID-19.

The Covid-19 pandemic has adversely affected the livelihood of many people around the globe.  And as the fight against it continues, it calls for inclusivity and the telecommunication firms are not exempted in combating this relentless and invincible enemy which has so far claimed many lives in nations of the world and 6 so far in our country Kenya. For this reason, Safaricom has chipped in by introducing an initiative-Bonga For Good. This initiative will allow customers and subscribers to use their accumulated Bonga Points to pay for primary goods and services.

This is not the first time the company has stepped in to help in the hour of need, this time round being a response to the effects of Covid-19 menace especially reduced income to majority if not all Kenyans. Kenyans have also the opportunity to share their Bonga Points with members of the community who are in need as a work of compassion during this period.

Owing to the fact that many people have been subjected to pay cuts or have lost their jobs, it makes it difficult for citizens to meet all their needs. According to the Safaricom CEO, Peter Ndegwa, the initiative will enable the people to use the earned points to pay for their expenses or donate to those in need within the society.

“We have seen Kenyans lose some or all their incomes as a result of this pandemic, making it difficult to meet their needs. This initiative seeks to empower Kenyans to use the points earned from using Safaricom products over the years to pay for their essential or donate them to the most vulnerable in the society.” Said Peter Ndegwa, Safaricom CEO.

The initiative will run for the next thirty (30) days where 1 Bonga Point will be equivalent to 30 cents from the initial 20 cents that existed before the roll out of the initiative.

That is, 1bonga point = 30 cents or KES 0.30/-

So if you have 1000 Bonga points it will be calculated as follows:

1000 * KES. 0.30/-

=KES 300/-

This means that if a customer has 1000 Bonga Points, they will be able to pay for services or goods worth 300 KES instead of the initial 200 KES. This service will be carried out via the over 140,000 Lipa na M-Pesa merchants distributed across the country and therefore it will be just like a normal business transaction.

Just as it has previously been the practice, to redeem or transfer points one will be required to dial *126# and follow the steps provided at no cost. It is important noting that during this hard period; customers will be able to redeem as little as 1 shilling through the Lipa na Bonga at designated merchants that includes the supermarkets- Tuskys, Eastmatt and Naivas.

The CEO further added that since its introduction in 2007, the Bonga loyalty scheme has been helpful to many Kenyans who redeem the points to acquire data bundles, airtime and devices. The Bonga for Good initiative will extend the benefits during this period of great need.

Each point is accumulated for every KES 10 spent on Safaricom airtime services. As we all try to embrace cashless transactions in order to avoid contacting Covid- 19, this Safaricom initiative beside economically uplifting the most affected, it encourages everyone to stay safe.

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photo credit: MySafaricom App


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    Benard Muimi 07/04/2020

    It is a good article. Together we can succeed in the fight against Covid-19. I hope everyone reads this and learn how devoted we should be in this pandemic.
    I’m expecting more.

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