My dear Husband — Ooh Sorry, My dear Future Husband.

My dear Husband — Ooh Sorry, My dear Future Husband.

Dear Future husband,

Or let me just call you my future hubby.  I’ve got a lot to tell you, but let me start by knowing how you are? Tell me how are you? How’s life been on your side? Hehehe, how’s your current girlfriend doing? Or are you single? I hope she’s taking good care of you. I hope she’s teaching you how to treat a woman so that when our time comes we won’t get it wrong.

I have thought about you today.  It is awkward I know- having a stranger in my thoughts. I can only describe you with one word-taller than me. When we meet I know you won’t be a stranger. I know I’ll see it in your eyes from just a single look.  I know I’ll tell it from your smile and how you’ll be blushing. I know I’ll tell it’s you because I won’t be afraid to speak out because I know you’ll bring me peace.

Dear hubby, I hope when we meet you’ll be done with your hoes if there’s any. I hope when we meet it will just be you and I full of love, us not giving up on each other. I hope when we meet you’ll put a ring on my finger. I can’t wait to give birth to our ‘mini-us.’ I can’t wait to hear them call you dad and me mum and I’m sure they’ll surely grow in love.

Dear my future hubby, I hope you’re working hard and smart and thus we will be able to provide for our family. I’m working hard too for us. You’ve got yourself a queen. I’ll be your number one fan. I will pick you up when you fall. And I will motivate you as we build our own empire. You won’t regret a thing, I promise you.

My future husband, I don’t know where you are right now. Maybe you are stuck in the friend zone or bro zone hehehe, but just know it’s worth the wait. Maybe we have never met. Or maybe I’ll meet you today or tomorrow or in the years to come- only God knows when and how but I know you worth it.

I must agree, I was a little late to be your first but  I’m prepared to be your last. And I can’t wait to marry the love of my life. I hope you won’t hurt me. I hope you won’t want to give up on us. I hope we will fight for our love and I hope there won’t be any empty promises.

Dear my future hubby, I don’t know you yet but I’m already in love with the idea of us meeting one day. I am in love with the idea of us and that of our ‘mini us.’ You worth the wait and I’m worth it too. I’ve got much to say but let me leave it from here the rest I’ll tell you when our time comes.

But for now have fun, stay safe and take care of yourself for me.

Lots and loads of love my future hubby.

Yours faithfully,


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