She Cheated and betrayed her Husband… But not on Purpose.

She Cheated and betrayed her Husband… But not on Purpose.

She was a married woman but claimed not to be happy. She was financially stable but said ‘money was not everything in a relationship- but love and intimacy.’ She claimed that her husband was a workaholic- always busy in his businesses and on top of that, an alcoholic. That he always came home late and drunk. And therefore he did not have time for her and her daughter.

They had been married for five years and together they hadn’t a child. She couldn’t understand why. Was she not able to give birth again- was she now infertile or was the problem on his side? But he never complained about it, and so it seemed not bothering him. Therefore, she was very cautious that could he be aware that he cannot sire a child, not to do a “mpango” and become pregnant. She claimed to have been very faithful to him.

Before she met her husband, she already had a daughter with her ex-boyfriend whom they broke up after she became pregnant. The man claimed that he wasn’t ready to be a father and thus abandoned her. Luckily when the girl Monica was still very young, her mother met with her now-husband who accepted to take care of both of them. He loved them and he still claimed to love them because he completely took care of them.

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Things changed two years after the wedding. “Before he had time for us,” she said. “He could take us out. He could take us to do shopping. Or he could just come home early to play with Monica.” She claimed that love faded away. And now she wanted to (though illegally) re-experience that again. She was ready to sacrifice her faithfulness for her happiness. She wanted to be a happy human being again. And I was the one to give her that happiness.

“That will be infidelity and your husband if he finds out, might divorce you,” I told her the day she came clear.
“I don’t care now.” She slayingly retorted. And continued, “as long as I am his wife and we have a marriage certificate, even if we divorce, I will get my share. How could a married man stay without seeing his wife for months? I have feelings, Bwana. And am not sure maybe I have become an old cloth- that there is a new one somewhere keeping him warm. He is always on business trips. How do I know the people he is with. I have tried to be faithful. I’ve tried to talk to him hoping for a change but it seems to have delayed. So sorry to betray him if he is still faithful. Or tell me what do you think?” she asked.

I had just joined Mleads co. Limited (an insurance brokerage company) as a salesperson. Jane was also working in the same company but in the records department. It is, therefore, there where we met. Jane was exceptionally beautiful, heavy-bodied and intelligent (of course she had secured a job in a big company.) she was seven years older than me. But as they say, age is just a number, when she asked for help (just help), I didn’t concentrate that much on the years.

In fact, for my 24 years of existence, I had never seen another woman bold enough to approach a man. So I just blindly gave in to her demands- I couldn’t say no of course (they say every man is weak.) For about 5 years I had chased girls but all in vain (I don’t know what I did wrong.) and for my entire life, I had never gotten a place for my ever anxious penis to dive. So, I was literally virgin but I wasn’t for real because I always found relieve in masturbation.

My pipe got somewhere to water itself. The water was sweet, enjoyable and completely quenched my thirst. It didn’t matter how I did it because she was there to teach me. In the first days, she could do almost everything. I was not bothered by that since she was experienced and in her quest for satisfaction no matter the energy she used, she was ready to teach me and at the end, (I didn’t disappoint) I learnt the rules of the game.

Nothing felt fulfilling like seeing her tears of joy. I always felt like sitting on top of the world when after ‘playing’ she said: “It was nice, thank you, my dear.” ‘No one is clever like a woman who knows what she wants.’ I now felt like a man. And as a result, I started feeling jealous of her husband. But she always reminded me that the only thing we had together was only that and that she was somebody’s wife. But she never wanted me to have a girlfriend. She just wanted to wholly have me.

Caught cheating.

One day just like any other (yesterday and the day before), after work we decided not to go to our usual place- Taste-in Hotel but went to a Takeaway Lodge located few metres adjacent to the former. That day seemed different. Jane looked restless and always on her phone. She seemed busy chatting with someone. But it didn’t bother me, after all, she was a married woman so it could be her husband. When we got into our room (room number 13) everything seemed normal. Just like in a play the lights went on and the game started.

Do do do do… Someone was politely knocking at our door. “Babe” he called.
“Babe! Who is your Babe here, Mr? Please, sir, take your time to remember your room.” I answered after a forced pause. How could someone just do that? “Should we ignore him?” I asked Jane but she didn’t answer.

The knocking continued and this time around, he called Jane’s name out.
“Jane.” She didn’t respond.
“He knows your name! How and who is he?” I asked her.
“My husband.”
“Wait, what? How does he know we are here?” I surprisingly asked.
“I’m sorry James.”
“Just sorry? I need an explanation. What is going on? Why is he here and how? You don’t seem surprised by his coming.”
“Sorry, dear.”
“I don’t want to hear your ‘sorries’- they are too many, I want an explanation. What is happening? You mean we are caught?” I angrily said.
“Ok, my husband is the master planner of everything that is happening. He is even…” before she could finish her husband broke the door and he was already in.
“You! You are her husband?” I was surprised to see him, “I am really sorry sir.”
“When I got you that job, I knew what I was doing. Am sorry if you saw Jesus on me. Babe (to Jane) you know what to do,” He told her. I was confused and dump silent.
“I can’t do it, John.” She said.
“You can’t, you can’t what? You are the one who has called me here. Don’t tell me you love him,” He paused. “Mmh…” he continued,” think of this, this itself is infidelity and on that ground, I can divorce you and chase you away with nothing. I know you like my money. Right? You see we even don’t have a child together that I could be forced to take responsibility. Yes, it’s your right to have your share as my formally married wife but you don’t know whom I know up there. And I can also decide to kill you both. So behave and let’s stick to the plan.”
“I really can’t,” she said mercifully looking at me.
“Plan! Which plan? Tell me, Jane,” I interpolated.
“To kill you, James.” She answered.
“Kill me?”
“Yes,” Jane answered quickly.
“For what?” I asked surprised.
“Yes, kill you, and it doesn’t matter,” John Roared as he removed a gun that was tacked between his buttocks and pointed it at me- very close to my nose. It was smelling shit but my life was more important than concentrating on the shit-smelling muzzle because no matter what it smelt, it could still kill me when the trigger is pulled. What I knew for sure was that that was not another farting opening but a killer hole.

But God is always good no matter how sinful we are, when I looked back I saw an alarm and therefore I started moving backwards toward it. And before he could realize what I was doing, I reached it and immediately pressed. Jane also came for my rescue. She used the stool and hit her husband on his back.

“I am not ready to see death,” she said as she started pushing him against the wall using the legs of the stool. I, in turn, got a chance to hold the hand with the gun but unfortunately as we wrestled, he headed up pulling the trigger and shot himself on his left thigh and wobbled down to the floor letting of the hold of the gun. As he got on the floor Jane (his wife) sat on his back. She was heavy and thus that was an assurance he couldn’t get up.
“You have just betrayed your husband Jane,” John said.
“I am not afraid, it is the only right thing to do now,” she said.

When I tried to reach for the gun, Jane refused me.
“Please don’t instead go and call the security.” She advised.
But before I could take a step toward the door, the soldiers arrived and we got arrested, all of us.

In courtroom.

I was surprised to learn that Jane and her husband John had planned to kill me to make a sacrifice to their gods for riches. And it was all John’s planning.

I had met John for the first time, six months ago. Then I was working in a car wash and I used to clean his car. He used to tip me whenever he came. One day instead of giving me a tip he asked if there was something he could do for me as a sign of appreciation since he claimed I was thorough and honestly doing my work. It is then I asked if he could get me a better job because I had papers. So that’s how I ended up being a salesperson where his wife worked. And since then, I never saw him again.

Jane said that her husband had gone to a witch doctor and it is there he was asked to bring male genitals. He was also told that the owner of the genitals should have slept with his wife. And that’s how he started masterminding my death. He organized for me to be employed where his wife was working and went ahead conspired with her to pretend to be in love with me so that after we eat the forbidden fruit, he could kill me and thereafter cut off my genitals for the ritual.

Can you imagine just my newly introduced penis to the world of what it made for, being cut after I’m killed? Where would I have gone to say the meat went during the judgment day? I can’t imagine Methuselah telling me how he stayed with his organ for over 900 years and still died with it.” Hahaha. Mine was rescued by the woman who accidentally fell in love with me. And this is how I escaped from hell.

John was sentenced for 20 years in jail, I for one year and Jane because of the baby she was given six months of community service. And now, even though I don’t know what awaits me out there again, what I know for sure is that I will be celebrating my 25th birthday in two weeks.

And I have two more months to go.

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    Woow! What a story! You are very creative…..
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